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Rap Yoga: The Intern

As a part of the internship programme, Petra, who is a recent graduate from Middlesex University, joined RAP YOGA as an intern applying her knowledge in Business Growth Strategy and Marketing. Specialising mainly in promotion, assets creation, and admin work, she shared with us her experience with Rap Yoga, what was the biggest challenge, and what inspired her to take such an opportunity as an internship.

Why did you apply for the Barnet Internship?

I applied for the Barnet Internship because it was an ambition of mine to join a company as an intern where I would gain hands-on experience in marketing strategy and business growth. When I saw this opportunity that Middlesex university is offering to its students, I immediately applied because I was overwhelmed by the idea of this internship programme, and at the same time, I wanted to further develop my creative, technical skills and gain more experience within the business area while I am studying.

How did you meet with Veronica? Did you choose a company where you would like to carry out this work experience?

My university actually brought us together. I had no idea where or who I was going to work with, and my work ethic with Veronica turned out to be very successful. We built a relationship based on mutual understanding, and friendship, and I am very proud of the work we managed to do in four weeks together.

Talking about the work and responsibilities, what did you do as part of your internship?

During the internship, I applied my knowledge and expertise in supporting business growth plans. I developed relationships with schools to promote Veronica's services, moreover, I offered recommendations on how the company's online presence could be improved which include updating website blogs, and poster design. I assisted with the creation of promotional video content for social media, maintained databases, and I was in direct communication with the MDX Sports office to offer Rap & Yoga Workshop for Middlesex students. I consider this a huge success because we secured a flourishing relationship with the university and received great feedback from the students.

What was the biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?

One of the biggest challenges was the fact that I was studying and working part-time, and I think combining all of these three elements could have represented a challenge, especially when I wanted to dedicate my full focus to each of them. However, with my natural curiosity, interest in learning, and good time management I managed to overcome this challenge with less difficulty. I believe that if it wasn't for my joining the company as an intern, I would miss this life-changing opportunity because I would have let my comfort discourage me from it.

What skills have you developed during the internship and how do you think this will help you achieve your career goals?

Alongside being organised and eager to learn I further developed my initiative skills and I learned to adapt to new and different circumstances. I feel the skills that I acquired during my internship are beneficial for my future career goals and with more experience, I would like to have the opportunity to nurture my own business. I plan to continue developing my knowledge of the digital marketing sector and start to generate new techniques and strategies in a job role such as this.

Why do you think it is important for students to engage with such opportunities?

Such an opportunity as the internship is essential to students because it helps them interact and learn in a professional setting and is vital to their future career path. Moreover, it encourages character growth, teaches career-developing qualities and it also prepares students for the workforce and provides a great environment to meet professionals in the career field they want to pursue.

What was the best part of working together?

The best part of working together was our mutual understanding and how we got along. Veronica is such an inspirational person, she had this vision that she wanted to achieve with her business, and that made me stay motivated. She is a professional and I really enjoyed her mentoring me throughout this internship.

What did you learn from this experience?

I've learned to be more confident and that you should not let comfort discourage you from new opportunities. I’ve learned how to put my knowledge and skills into practice that will benefit me when applying for the future desired job role.

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