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On a mission to
heal and inspire

Lorraine, easyJet Head Office

 For me personally the sound meditation was extremely relaxing. It was great to be able to choose a chair or the floor. At the beginning my lower back was aching but it had eased off completely by the end of the session and I felt no tension in my back and shoulders.

The home of YO!GA,

our signature exercise to music class created for people to improve their confidence and support their wellbeing.

Where Yoga Meets Rap & Miracles Manifest

Hello I'm Veronica,

I work with young people and adults in my capacities as a music facilitator, yoga instructor and sound healer.

I have a huge passion and natural gift for writing catchy rap lyrics and creating improvised song melodies.

I created Rap Yoga as a container for my creative projects, workshops and classes.


My yoga teaching focuses on creating strong connections with the earth. I enjoy teaching quirky flows that give space for the breath to support the movement. I am a huge fan of Yin Yoga because it gives so much time and space to slow down and release tension from the mind and body.

I encourage my students to feel into sensations, let go of unhealthy attachments and create space for transformation to occur.

I hold space for deep healing, peace and happiness to manifest whilst building strength, flexibility and discipline in the mind and body.


My music teaching focuses on building confidence, exploring creativity and empowering the next generation. I act as a mentor to guide and support my students. Together we unwrap the gifts they have been given. I draw inspiration from real-life experiences to create lyrical content and use dynamic vocal rap exercises to compliment rhythm and flow.



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"Veronica is an accomplished MC and spoken word artist in her own right however we have been particularly impressed with her ability to work with young people of all ages, encouraging them to overcome their reluctance and to express their thoughts and feelings through their lyrics.  She has proven herself comfortable working with individuals and small groups. 

We are particularly keen to continue our relationship with Veronica as she understands the students, built a good relationship with them and is a highly skilled performer".


Diane Highet

Senior Manager

Kingston Music Service

"Centrepoint is extremely fortunate to work with Veronica, who has delivered wonderful classes for the homeless young people we support.

Veronica is instantly relatable; caring and warm; and focussed on helping the young adults feel relaxed and calm at a difficult stage in their lives. She is patient, attentive and also good fun. Having delivered both physical and virtual classes, Veronica is a dream to work with and her classes are heaven!"

Ella Munns

Dean Street Manager


"We, at Aspire AP have had the pleasure of working with Veronica Youdell twice this year and look forward to working with her in the future. 

Veronica was able to engage and inspire educators, placing them outside of their comfort zone in the participatory session.

Veronica showed a strong understanding of effective teaching strategies; scaffolding and modelling learning throughout.

Veronica is a natural teacher who is highly personable, articulate and professional. She can adapt her workshops for a range of ages and abilities, whilst providing the right amount of support and challenge. Workshops are well structured, with good pace and variety of activities. She is able to recognise the needs of students’ and support those effectively and personally, leaving them feeling more confident and accomplished .

As a highly participatory workshop, students were pushed outside of their comfort zones, but felt safe to do so in the environment that Veronica was able to provide as a teacher."

Katie Kiss

Head of Art

Aspire Alternative Provision

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