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Relaxation yoga positive affirmations yoga online

Watch the preview of Part 1

The Foundations Class

What to expect

The Foundations Class is ideal for those who are new to yoga or for those who wish to practice yoga in a unique way. 

The class consists of ten parts, beginning with Pranayama (breathing) and ending with Shavasana (relaxation).

The physical practice in-between combines Hatha yoga with some dynamic flows, contemporary styles and Yinspiration.

The class is choreographed to ambient hip hop music and the instructions are rapped and spoken in time with the beat.

In each part of the class you are invited to hold a pose whilst rapping a positive affirmation. Each time you hear YO!GA that is your cue to start. The text of the affirmations appears on the screen to help you.

What you'll learn

  • Yoga

  • Rap Positive Affirmations

  • Pranayama (Breathing exercises)

  • Beginner Yoga

  • Yoga at home

  • Warm up exercises

  • Seated yoga poses

  • Standing yoga poses

  • Balancing poses

  • Basic vinyasa flows

  • Recline yoga poses


Enjoy exercise to music

Enjoy Hip Hop music

Yoga Mat


Builds strength and flexibility

 Improves confidence

Releases stress and anxiety

Target Audience

Yoga beginners


Young People


Best Value

Rap Yoga



Every 3 months

Anywhere Anytime

Valid until canceled
7 day free trial

1 hour on demand video

Access on mobile and TV

Content of the class:

Part 1 Pranayama (breathing)

Part 2 Gentle warm up

Part 3 Deeper warm up and Sphinx Pose

Part 4 Downward Facing Dog to Mountain Pose

Part 5 Sun Salutation to Tree Pose

Part 6 Triangle Pose to Goddess Pose

Part 7 Frog Pose

Part 8 Lions breath to Sleeping Pigeon Pose

Part 9 Head to Knee Pose

Part 10 Shavasana (relaxation)

Music Credits

Vocals and Lyrics Veronica Youdell

Part 1 - 9 Erik Makkink

Part 10 Marcos Ubeda & Daniel Von Borries

Yoga breathwork creative classes


I loved the class. It felt like I had a personal yoga teacher all to myself.

Also the mantras are really helping to shift your attitude to be more positive and kind to yourself.

I joined the workshop yesterday with my son who is 7.

We both really enjoyed the session and had a lot of fun. Veronica has created a class that is engaging, relaxing, fun and empowering and we look forward to doing another YO!GA workshop again with her soon.

Huge thanks to Veronica for our wellbeing session today!

Our staff are now energised and ready for the new term after a YO!GA session!

Norfolk Music Hub

I've just come off your session. A skeptic when I went into it.. Not because I don't believe in the practise but more because I can NEVER relax. Not properly.

My mind is always preoccupied with a never ending list of all the things I need to get done.

It races with it. In a quiet yoga session which I did with my reluctant teenage daughter over zoom a couple of weeks ago, led by a friend, my mind couldn't settle in the quiet spaces AT ALL. it just whirred. So I really didn't hold out much hope for today. 

I was so wrong. I loved it. Loved the rhythm and the mantras. Im feeling so relaxed.. Almost like I've slept. Only not a cat nap from which I always wake up feeling groggy and headachy but a proper refreshing sleep.

Thank you for today’s Rap yoga class with the Music Service, I thoroughly enjoyed it and it is so good for people’s well-being.

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