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Where Yoga Meets Rap.

About yoga

Mission Statement

"Create innovative yoga classes for yoga beginners to improve confidence and reduce stress"


What is YO!GA?

YO!GA aims to spark positive change.

Its fusion of rap spoken word instructions, yoga movements and positive rapfirmations creates a well-being method that is bold, innovative and unexpected. 

The Foundations Class provides an introduction to the YO!GA method. It has been created for beginners and combines traditional Hatha Yoga exercises and poses with some Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga. The class has been carefully choreographed to flow over an ambient Hip Hop soundtrack.


Benefits of YO!GA

  • Helps you feel positive about yourself and boosts your self confidence

  • Builds strength, increases flexibility and improve balance

  • Calms and focuses the mind

  • Reduces and releases negativity, worry, fear and anxiety

  • Takes charge of your thoughts, encouraging you to make healthier life choices


Veronica Youdell Founder and Creative Director of YO!GA 

I began going to Hatha yoga classes when I was 18. I enjoyed how relaxed it would make me feel and became drawn to the traditions that my teacher, Geeta, would share with us.


As I grew I always felt a calling to train to become a yoga teacher. The practice had helped me balance my well-being. The benefits were clear but there were other journeys I needed to complete before I was ready to take this one. 

After experiencing my first yoga retreat in Goa it changed everything for me and I was ready to make the commitment to myself. 


Already a keen rapper and facilitator in schools I felt inspired to create something that would bring my two passions together. I wanted to share the gifts of yoga with young people in a fun and creative way. It had to speak their language and bridge the gap to make it interesting and accessible.  

YO!GA was created during the pandemic in 2020. It brings together my love of rhythm, rhyme, music, lyric writing and movement. It is an expression of my divine masculine and feminine. It is a surprising balance of two art-forms that compliment each other. It is unique, spiritual, intuitive and creative. It has meaning, substance, elegance and vulnerability.


My dream for this project is to connect with teenagers, young people and adults searching for a fun, creative and mindful form of exercise that will provide a safe space to activate their throat chakra.

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