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Marrakech New Moon Soul Retreat

Updated: Jan 15

A transformational yoga retreat for healing, connection and joy

Transformation is the act or process of radical change in appearance, nature, form or character. Retreat is the act or process to withdraw and in this case go within to create positive change in perception, decisions and surroundings. People choose to go on retreats for many different reasons. In some cases it is to rest, relax and renew. In others it is to get fitter or to deepen a physical practice. It's important to know why you want to have this experience and what you would like to gain from it. This will help you make the right choice when selecting a retreat and a facilitator who can support you on your journey.

My First Experience

My first experience of a yoga retreat was in 2015. It supported me through a challenging period that I was going through. I wasn't happy in my job, my relationship and in my home environment. Yoga had played an important role supporting my mental health so I jumped at the chance to go to Goa with one of my closest friends who was hosting and teaching the retreat. I trusted her and instantly knew it was the right decision. Over those 8 days I transformed. I gained clarity on taking the steps I needed to bring me peace, my physical body felt better then ever, I made a new lifelong friendship and I decided I wanted to train to become a yoga instructor.

Let's Go To Marrakech

Fast forward to November 2023 I arrived in Marrakech to host my first yoga retreat.

I teamed up with Success Retreats who support teachers to host retreats nationally and internationally. I chose to host 4 nights at Fawakay Villas, a spacious and peaceful location 20 minutes drive from the Medina.

I was greeted by the most epic sunrise on my first morning - I knew this experience was going to be special.

My intention was to create a transformational experience for my guests that would provide a safe space for healing. I themed the retreat around the new moon to cultivate new beginnings and themed my yoga classes around the four elements. Each element focuses on a different energy and in yoga we can use this to bring awareness to where we might be stuck mentally, physically or emotionally.

Sunrise yoga before breakfast was an energising practice to wake up the body. We entered the space in silence to take time to listen and practice awareness. It also meant we could have a good reflective chat after the class during breakfast.

The afternoon yoga practice offered special workshops (Cacao Ceremony, Rap Yoga & Partner Yoga) to create connections and led into Yin, Nidra and Sound Healing for deep relaxation.

Another important part of the experience is having time to rest and reflect. In day to day life there is so much emphasis to be in fight or flight mode, being busy and not giving ourselves time to recharge. Having time to switch into rest and digest by doing nothing also supports the transformation. We were lucky enough to have very good weather and a pool to enjoy. I gave my guests their own personal journal to write in at their own leisure. The process of transformation can bring up many different sensations and shifts. Being able to journal about the experience can support this process positively by letting thoughts come through and creating space for positive change.

A day trip to visit the waterfalls in the Atlas Mountains took us to the peak of the transformation. 7 women singing along to songs together (supplied by our DJ driver) continued to bring the group closer together. It was wonderful to take in the fresh air, the local culture and incredible views Morocco had to share with us. It wasn't an easy climb but the group became a team that day, supporting each other to climb up and over the challenges we were facing.

As the retreat drew to a close I was able to take a back seat and really admire the incredible women who had joined me to guide them through this transformational journey.

Most of them had only met me once in a yoga class. My energy spoke to them and they pretty much said yes straight away when I announced details about the retreat.

I am grateful that they had such a positive experience and were able take home the memories and cherish the friendships they had created. Their loving kindness and compassion was what made this retreat so special.

Benefits & Challenges

Going on a yoga retreat is certainly a luxury. It is a high value gift that we can offer ourselves as a treat but in my opinion it should be a necessity. Think of it as a reset for your physical, emotional and mental health. In most cases you will leave feeling refreshed, confident, peaceful and transformed. The combination of beautiful surroundings, good food, exercise, rest and Vitamin D contribute to an overall feeling of vitality which is necessary for our personal growth and the way we show up in the world for others.

The cost of going on a yoga retreat can vary in price depending on the duration and location. For some people the prices are not affordable and this perhaps gives the feeling that they are exclusive.

The ways around this is to find a retreat located near to where you live. Some facilitators offer half day and full day retreats in yoga studios. Online retreats have also become popular. You can practice from the comfort of your own home however you may find staying in your own environment means you can't fully switch off because of distractions.

And So It Is

Having had the experience of being the student and the teacher I would recommend trying a retreat at least once if you can. It's important to choose the right teacher to guide you. You should feel confident that you are going receive the right experience to suit your needs.

I would still like to experience another retreat as a student in the future. It feels so good to be held and supported. Choosing a location with warm weather means you can practice outside, enjoying the sounds of nature and the magic hours of the sunrise and sunset.

"Veronica’s New Moon Soul Retreat went above and beyond. It was my first ever yoga retreat and it exceeded expectations. The food, the yoga classes, the soundbaths, the meditations, the venue, the excursions - it was all incredible. I feel immense gratitude for the memories that were created, and the deep connections and friendships that formed.Thank you, Veronica, for a truly transformational experience!" Rachel


"Having been on several retreats this one, organised by Veronica Youdell in Marrakesh was very well planned and carried out.  A really great location, with an equally great group of people.

Veronica’s teaching was very inspiring with a two hour yoga sessions one in the morning another one in the  evening.  No lesson was repeated. Veronica was very professional and helped me to understand why I couldn’t push my body in certain poses.

To close our retreat we did a Rap Yoga session which was great fun.

I would highly recommend going on a retreat hosted by Veronica Youdell to anybody that is interested in looking to improve their well being." Valerie


I'll be announcing details soon for my next transformational retreat in 2024.

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